Cornish Zack Hill & Associates Tributes

Paul Cornish

Our Founder * Our Confidant * Our Friend * Our Leader * Our Mentor * Our Family

My Friend

Thanks for taking a chance on me!

Against all odds – Rest in peace



Charleen Hill

Dedicated * Loyal * Knowledgeable * Charitable * Energizer Bunny

Thanks for your valuable contribution to this organization

We could not have done without you!



Phil Averill

Smart as a whip!  Loving * Loyal * Full of Life * Family Man * Loved his Co-Workers * Loved his Customers

Put up with me!

All the best to you~



Michael Schatz

Loyal * Ethical * Loving * Brilliant * Sensible

 Thirst for Knowledge * Technology Savvy

Our Future

Thanks for the save~



Nancy Netzel
nancy retirement

After 37 wonderful years our Nancy is retired!

You were always there for us in whatever role we need you in.

We will miss you, your versatility, and your humor!

-Everyone at CZH